Keep Calm and Tweet On

Due to the horrific ongoing events in London and across England, I felt unable to publish the blog post I had scheduled, as it seemed way too frivolous.

I was then intending to write about the prevailing feeling of horror and total helplessness at these recent events in London.

The feeling this evening is scary – lots of shops hastily boarded up, eerily empty streets,  and a very bad atmosphere in the air.

However, I started scrolling through Twitter and Facebook and began to notice a common theme – something which made me smile, raised my spirits, and lifted my chin a bit higher.

That common theme was the increasingly numerous reports being posted online of incidents of true humanity and kindness shining through amidst some of the darkest events this country has known for a long time.

So, please find below some of the most wonderful, moving and hugely touching examples of humanity and hope that have emerged over the past couple of days – many in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Nothing short of inspiring, this helps us to see that not all of us are happy to fret about the political repercussions of the current situation; not all of us stand idly by whilst this undercurrent of our society behave in such an intolerably cruel manner; not all of us have lost our humanity. Inspiring stuff.

I am sure there will be more to come. Please talk to me on Twitter – @thedailyhome – or leave a comment at the end of this post, and and help to show that not all of us have given up on our morals and our pride.

One of the best and most inspiring movements to come out of the riot fiasco is the bands of Riot Wombles – co-ordinated primarily on Twitter, by @riotcleanup  which, at the time of writing, had over 80,000 followers. Simply incredible.

The pictures below are just a selection of the wonderful images doing the rounds at the moment, and this is truly a case where pictures speak louder than words.

And finally; this image, for me, sums up the British ‘Keep Calm, and Carry on’ spirit.

Serving tea for the police on a riot shield? Absolutely inspired!

The Twitter community did a fantastic job of showing what a terrific force for good they can be.

From mobilising groups of Riot Wombles, to urging fellow Twitter members to check on elderly neighbours, Twitter at the moment really is a wonderful example of how decency is still alive in our country.

Below are a selection of the tweets I have found particularly lovely and inspiring.

And finally – this poster, by Emmeline Pidgen,  really sums up for me what the London spirit is all about right now.

So remember, darlings; keep safe, stay calm, help others where you are possibly able to, and above all remember that we are not all bad.

This is a series of incidents committed by a group of opportunistic, disrespectful thugs with absolutely no regard for human decency, and we simply must not let them win.

See you tomorrow, and I hope that you have a safe night.


Jessy xxx



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