Hallmark, Be Damned: Make Your Own Easy 3D Popup Card!

The thing about cards these days is that they just don’t have as much impact as they used to (this may be because, now that we are no longer children, a card on our birthday mornings is not accompanied by the thrill of opening it in the hope that a fiver might flutter out).

It is also due to the fact that pretty cards can now be bought at any Waitrose or Tesco and quickly scrawled into – nobody really makes them any more.

However, I know that you all like to do things a bit better than everyone else. Is there a special occasion coming up? A birthday, a thank you card for a very special favour, or just a really heartfelt way to say, ‘I Love You’? Well, here is your solution.

An impressive, gorgeous, and above all, deceptively easy way to make your own truly unique 3D pop-up card. Yay!


WIN! A homemade card from baby blogette, PenguinSilly.

See the bottom of this post for details!

What you will need:

  • 3 pieces of card, in the colours of your choice (white is usually easiest for the backing, as it provides visual impact and it good to write on. You can make the card any size you like but I have worked with standard A5 here.)
  • A piece of paper, any colour – this is for the sides of the card. I used pink here, but just standard plain white would be fine too.
  • A craft knife and cutting board, or scissors if you don’t have one.
  • A glitter pen
  • A ruler
  • Paper glue – Pritt Stick is fine

Step One:

You need to cut your card! Take the piece of card you will be using for the back of your card (the bit your message will be written on) and, using your craft knife or scissors, cut it to the size you require.

In this example, I have used A4 card, and simply cut it into two.

Step Two:

Then, using the piece of card you have just cut, use it as a template and carefully cut the same sized shape out of each of the two other coloured pieces of card.

So, you will end up with this:

Step Three:

Now, you are going to cut out your pattern!

Take the piece of card that will form the front of your card. In my case, this was the silver piece. Turn it over – you want to work on the back, so that the pencil lines do not show up on the front of the card.

Measure a gap of 1cm on each of the two longest sides on the back of the card, and draw a line across each side, like this:

Step Four:

Now draw your design in the middle of the card.

It can be anything you like – I chose a heart, because it’s easy – you could do a star, or anything more complicated. Just make sure that the edges of the design don’t go over the lines you have drawn.

Now, using your craft knife or scissors, carefully cut out your design, using the lines you have drawn as a guide. Please don’t worry if it’s not perfect, this is what adds to the charm of the card!

Step Five:

Taking your final piece of coloured card, lay it underneath your cut-out top piece, and draw the same design but leave about an inch all around as a border, like this:

Then cut this out, just like you did before.

Step Six:

Now, place your bottom piece of card on a flat surface, and place each layer on top, making sure the sides are lined up. You are now going to write your message!

Write whatever you like in the space inside your cut-out shapes. Here’s mine – it really doesn’t have to be this soppy, it’s just that my other sister was having an unfeasibly bad day.

Step Seven:

Now you are going to make your card 3D! Yay!

Take a piece of the coloured paper that you are using for the sides.

With your ruler, measure one centimetre away from one of the shortest sides of the paper, and draw a line to the top. This is your marker.

Now, fold this over, following the line as your guide, and then repeat the fold in the opposite direction, trying to keep each fold about the same width.

This sounds way more complicated than it is – it’s just a concertina, like making paper fans as a child!

Then simply repeat this all the way to the end of the paper, like this:

Step Eight:

Now, cut your concertina-d* paper into equal sections, like so:

*(sorry, that is SO not a word)

Step Nine:

Run a line of glue up the edge of one of your cut-out concertinas, and gently fix it onto the back of your top sheet of card.

Repeat this on the other side, and run a line of glue up the exposed edge of both concertinas.

Now, press the front of your middle layer of card onto the concertinas, and repeat the same step with this layer as you did with the first.

Finally, glue your last piece of card (making sure the message is facing inwards, and is the right way up!) onto the concertina, to form the back:

…and don’t forget to give your card that authentic, shop-bought look by putting your copyright logo on the back! 🙂

Step Ten:

You are nearly there. Just the glitter to go, hurrah!

Turn the card over and, with a steady hand, run a thin line of glitter glue along the outline of your shape.

Make sure you leave it flat to dry for a few minutes, or you will end up with a drippy heart, and nobody wants that.

Now you have finished!

Step back and admire how beautiful your card looks:

I really hope that you like this project, and that it works well for you.

My little sister and mini-blogette, Wiz, and I made these together, and whilst I fumbled away taking pictures of me cutting out hearts, she quietly sat down at the table and completed a card so outrageously good that I nearly threw up when I saw it.

Isn’t it amazing?

So, competition time! Whoever writes Wiz the funniest joke, wins her homemade card, and a rubbish Jessymade cartoon of yourself in a situation of your choice.

Send your jokes to thedailyhome@hotmail.com, and the lucky winner will be chosen on Saturday the 20th of August.

Good luck, and see you tomorrow!


Jessy xxxx

PS: Did you like this post? Want to make me a really happy bunny?

I would be utterly thrilled if you would consider voting for me in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2011. Seriously, it would mean the world. All you need to do is click here and fill in the form. Thank you ever so much! xxx


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