Heaven Is Shaped Like A Meringue

Well, hello! I am back from holiday, over the jetlag, and feeling like a happy bunny. Who knew London could enjoy such gorgeous weather in October? (And the last laugh is on me, because it was bucketing down with rain in Phuket. But, I digress.)

I had a whole lot of posts planned about some delicious local foods which we stumbled upon on our trip – but that will have to wait. Because I got distracted. By a display of meringues.

Good Lord, have you ever seen such beautiful, blousy things? I was waddling through the city this afternoon on the way back from lunch with my sister and Daddy, and as I passed Leadenhall Market my eye was caught by a horrendously inviting stall, selling an array of gorgeous pastries – and these little stunners!

Naturally I almost farted in excitement and ran over to the stall and bought myself one of these meringues. The rest of the stuff looked gorgeous, too, but I am afraid that I only really had eyes for these.

The lovely, patient French gentleman manning the stall explained that the stall is run by Comptoir Gourmand, a lovely patisserie on Whitecross Street, EC1.

And, ladies and gentlemen, if their meringues are anything to go by, I will be fasting for a week and visiting this little place tout de suite.

My modest £2.50 investment bought me a heavenly meringue practically the size of my own head (I chose a beautifully marbled vanilla and raspberry specimen, but there were other varieties too) and upon abandoning my other business and rushing home to give my purchase the attention it deserved, I can happily say that this was one of the most glorious members of the meringue family I have ever had the pleasure of consuming.

Each meringue is huge and would happily feed four normal-sized people, or one very greedy Jessy. Light as air, with a beautifully crisp outer shell and gently squidgy centre, just the right amount of sweetness and perfectly shot with raspberry, this was as good as they come.

Go, meringue lovers, and buy one of these (Kitty, I’ll post you one). They will enhance your life immeasurably.

(I’m sure their other stuff is very good, too).

See you tomorrow!


Jessy xxx

Comptoir Gourmand, 126 Whitecross Street, London EC1

Tel: 020 7490 2828

Leadenhall Market: http://www.leadenhallmarket.co.uk




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3 responses to “Heaven Is Shaped Like A Meringue

  1. Helen the banker

    Damn, these look so good! I work right round the corner, I feel a sugar hit come lunchtime, thanks for the tip! ps; great blog, I made your plum cake recipe but I made it with apricots, it was one of the best cakes I have ever tasted, keep em coming lady 🙂

  2. those look delicious…

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