A Liittle Bit Of Exciting News!

Dear all,

It may have become apparent that I have not posted for a couple of weeks. Well – there’s a reason for it, and it’s not just laziness.

I am hugely excited to announce the launch of The BritPop Bakery, my very first little mini-venture!

The BritPop Bakery is my new baby business, selling little organic bites of cake on sticks. I’m very excited.

However, as a sad result, this does mean that I won’t be able to post here each day any more. If I did that, i’d have no time for anything, not even exercise, and now that I am attempting to run a cake business, exercise is extremely important.

I will still post recipes and things here occasionally so do please keep checking back – but, if you are curious and want to make my day, i’d be hugely honoured if you’d pop over to the new website and take a look.

I can be contacted through Facebook and Twitter – if you have any thoughts on the new site and would like to share them, i’d be incredibly grateful.

Lots of love, and I really hope that you are all well and happy!

Jessy xxx



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One response to “A Liittle Bit Of Exciting News!

  1. Ems Taylor

    Gosh, congratulations & how exciting! I will certainly be placing an order, they look AMAZING! Good luck!x

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