Hello! Welcome to The Daily Home.

My name is Jessy, and here I am, riding a unicorn:

The idea for this blog cropped up when my friend Kat mentioned that she was trying to send recipes and bits of blog posts to friends, but they had to scroll down the whole blog post to get to the bit they were looking for. And, quite frankly, who has the time to do that?

Thus, The Daily Home was born.

One post a day, every day* about things of domestic note; from recipes, interior design, nice shops and good restaurants to how to lay a table and master a full English roast. Because if I can do it, being not the brightest spark in the tunnel, you sure as heck can too.


Jessy x

* Please note: I reserve the right to not post under the following circumstances: when I am on holiday:

…when I am sick:


  …and if something crops up that requires my full and immediate attention, such as a house fire.

(No, I most certainly will not draw you a picture of a house fire, that would be dreadful.)


2 responses to “About

  1. Great blog and really quite interesting in parts… particularly the above photo…

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